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  • Use a cotton washcloth to gently exfoliate your skin

  • Shave & spa services prior to your spray tan

  • NO moisturizer the day of your spray tan – before or after

  • Wear old undergarments to tan in (anything from granny panties to a g-string is fine)

  • Wear loose, dark slip on clothes & shoes – NO TIGHT CLOTHES to your appointment

  • Consider a strapless bra for your appointment if appropriate

  • Stay dry for 12 hours for the maximum benefits

  • Use Sulfate Free product to shower 

  • Take short, warm showers and pat skin dry (don’t rub)

  • Moisturize AT LEAST every other day starting after your first shower, post spray tan

  • Spray perfume and cologne on clothing or the back of your hairline – NOT directly on skin (because it’s got alcohol in it and will dry out the area sprayed – i.e. it will look dirty/blotchy)

  • Sports active people will benefit from powder in socks, sports bras, shin guards, etc.

  • Keep hydrated and drink plenty of water to help your spray tan fade

  • Remember that a spray tan is "paint" on your skin, so choose activity wisely

  • AVOID using sugar &/or salt scrubs AND loofahs the day of and before your spray tan. NO loofahs to remove spray tan color - use a soft washcloth.

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