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Prior to procedure do not receive Botox injections two weeks before or two weeks after, including the time before and after appointment for your touch-up.

Immediately following your procedure, your technician will cleanse the area that has been treated and apply a layer of antibiotic healing balm (Neosporin), in order to protect your freshly opened layer of skin from debris and bacteria when you leave the salon. If your service was performed early in the day, start your home cleansing ritual at night, before bed, on the same day. If your procedure was done in the evening, start your home care the next morning.

1. Do not get the area wet for five days. Be careful when showering and washing face not to get water on treated area.

2. Days 1-10. Twice daily you will cleanse the area with an anti-bacterial soap. You will then gently apply a thin layer of protective/healing balm (Vaseline or Aquaphor). To make your care easier, you can purchase the items at the salon.

3. To avoid infection and/or bald spots on the brow, it is important not to pick or rub at the pigment that may start to peel or flake, let this occur naturally.

4. Your skin and brows will need up to one month to fully heal. Touch-ups will be scheduled 4-6 weeks after you initial appointment. Remember original color will fade up to 30% while skin is healing. This is normal.

Adding Permanent Makeup to Your Eyes or Lips and/or microblading your brows are beneficial for everyone.

Both procedures will definitely boost your confidence, save time in your daily routine and enhance your natural beauty.

Microblading B4 & After Care: Text
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