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Microblading – Ultra fine hairlike strokes created with a small tool. This technique creates a natural looking volume by mimicking your real hairs.

Combo Brow – A combination of microblading and microshading or Ombre techniques. A naturally enhanced brow that looks soft and slightly embellished is the result with this technique.

Ombre, Powder Brow or Hair Stroke – A soft gradient of diffused color that follows a crisp borderline from bulb to tail. This brow is very light in the inner corner, and gets gradually darker toward the tail. A dramatic and polished look is achieved with this technique.

Nano Brow – a form of cosmetic tattoo that mimics the look of hair strokes to create hyper-realistic eyebrows. To create nano strokes, a handheld machine is used. This is different from microblading which is done using a manual handheld tool to create a natural looking hair stroke and less painful, no bleeding.

Eye Liner Top Natural – An old standby with vastly improved modern innovations, this application is performed using a very fine and specialized permanent makeup pen on the top eyelid only. Like a tattoo, this pigment is meant to stay a while, but the application is more delicate and not nearly as aggressive as traditional tattooing. With this procedure you can accentuate your beautiful eyes and shave loads of time off your morning makeup routine.

Eye Linter Bottom Natural – This is the same as described above however it is a lighter application and is used most commonly in conjunction with the upper lid. It can however be done on its own.

Eye Liner Natural Combo – Both top and bottom lash lines are enhanced with rich pigment and applied with a fine tattoo pen.


Permanent Lip Blushing – Similar in procedure to permanent eyeliner, this is another oldie but goodie that just got way better. With Modern tech and vastly improved products and education, you can get a balanced symmetry and subtle color without ever getting a question about your “lip liner”…this beauty trick lets you fly under the radar just looking glorious all on your own 😉

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