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The lash extension process begins with the artist preparing the eyes with tape and eye pads. The eye pads are placed over your bottom lashes and taped to ensure the pads stay in place.
Once the eye pads are secure, a cleanser will be applied to your eyelashes and eyelid to sanitize the area. After the sanitation process, a primer is applied to aid in adhering to your natural lashes.
Your initial lash extension appointment will take approximately two hours. Depending on your natural lashes and the number of lashes we are adding to achieve your desired look, times can vary. A re-lash appointment is scheduled for one hour.
It is recommended that you get your new lashes refilled within two to three weeks of your initial appointment. If you do not get a refill within four weeks of your first visit, you will need to schedule an appointment for a new set of lashes. To keep your lashes looking their absolute best, it is recommended to get them done once a week.
We want your lashes looking their fullest all the time. After your initial appointment you will need to keep your new lashes dry for 24 hours. This drying time allows the lash adhesive to cure. Showering is not recommended for these 24 hours but if necessary, try to keep lashes away from water. Lashes should be brushed twice a day.
Just like your natural lashes, your extensions are very delicate. You don’t want to pull on them or damage your natural lash. Lash extensions are 100% safe! They do not damage your natural lashes, in fact, the lash adhesive and/or lashes will never touch your eye or eyelid directly! Your lash artist will give you all of the information you will need to keeping your lashes looking their best.

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